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Navigating The Road Ahead Together.....

Question for you…

What’s one of, if not the most intimate and powerful things you can do in your marriage?

Hint… it’s not sex.

Did you say prayer? Correct!

Many of us know the power of prayer, yet find it difficult to pray with our spouses. I would dare say Satan himself knows the power of prayer and will do anything to keep you from doing it, especially with your spouses. Why? Because if Satan can’t destroy your marriage, he’s OK if it just barely survives. The outcome: you’re unhappy and others, whether married or unmarried, will not be encouraged by it. When we don’t pray together, we experience less intimacy and power in our marriage.

Many of us are used to praying for certain situations or circumstances in our lives. But how often are we praying about those same things with our spouse? You may be familiar with the Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (ESV) Most of the time, this verse is looked at regarding the power of believers praying together. I believe that is true. I believe there is greater power in prayer in the unity of mind when believers pray together regarding something or someone, than just praying alone. We get tired as individuals at times. But when you have someone praying with you, both of you together can be more persistent in praying about an issue. And as the verse said earlier, when we are praying according to His will (in His name does not mean just saying ‘in Jesus name’), Jesus our intercessor, is with us and He prays for us on our behalf to God the Father.

I know it can be awkward at first. Really, I know. I know we can be discouraged at first. Again, really, I know. So let me encourage you with two things to help you get started. First, start with short or simple prayers like “God bless our marriage”, “God bless our family” or “God, help me to be a husband” and add more over time. Second, husbands or wives when your spouse forgets something don’t criticize them but maybe include that missing request or praise in a short prayer after them. They will appreciate it. I know I do because I know I will forget something and it is comforting to know that my wife has my back.

So, you want more intimacy in your marriage? Start praying together.

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