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Stanley and Myrna both have served in various church ministries for over a quarter century long before God brought them together as husband and wife.


For Stanley, it has been equipping couples for marriage and encouraging other couples in their marriage. During this time through God's grace, he has survived the pain of losing a spouse to death and the tragedy of divorce. Because of those experiences and what God has done in his life, he wants to encourage couples and families by letting them know that it is still possible to experience the blessings of God in spite of difficult circumstances in life............



On May 18, 2013, we got married, blended our two families and entered into a covenant relationship with each other and God. 18 months later, we attended the Blended and Blessed Summit and began our journey of Blended Covenant Living. This is our family's story. We hope you see Christ in it. Only through Him can you begin your journey of Blended Covenant Living!

In a broken world, reaping the blessings of marriage is not easy.  In a blended family, the challenge is even greater, regardless of the circumstance that brought you together.   But there is hope! And that hope is grounded in the covenant that a man and woman made with God and each other.  It is this covenant that not only defines the relationship between the husband and wife and God, but its blessings are extended out to any children that are brought to the marriage.  Take a look at one facet of our story.

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