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Ready, OK!

When I was a girl, I wanted to be a cheerleader…pompoms and all!

But I wasn’t very athletic and I didn’t have the legs for cartwheels, splits or short, cute skirts. So I wrapped my freshman fingers around a flute and hid my skinny legs under a band uniform. (Here I am as a teen, hiding my legs behind a paper bag.)

I have fond memories of marching band, but I never really got over the desire to cheer. Later in life, I experienced it vicariously through my daughters, both cheerleaders. (Aren’t they adorable?)

Until a few months ago, I thought this is as good as it’s going to get!

Then I was introduced to the Art of Marriage. In one of the videos, a middle-aged wife and mother belted out, of all things…. a cheer…..FOR HER HUSBAND!

Her vibrant spirit made me smile and I giggled when her feet left the ground and she ended her cheer with that pose all cheerleaders strike. And then it hit me… a pair of pompoms might actually be in my future.

Here’s what I learned… “The day I slipped into that wedding dress, I also put on a cheerleading outfit. As a wife, God has called me to encourage my husband to lead our family. For most men, their deepest fear is failure and their deepest need is confidence to know they can succeed”. That’s the kind of confidence only a cheerleading- wife can provide.

So, in my best cheerleading voice…. “Ready….ok”!

Now, where did I put those pompoms.

*The Art of Marriage Video Event Manual (Little Rock, AR: Family Life Publishing, 2011) pg. 67

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