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Marriage is not a solo or duet but a trio

There is a saying that “Three is a crowd”. That’s normally true for many relationships including marriage, but there is an exception. For the most part, some marriages have at times been hindered or interfered at the very least by their well-meaning family members, friends, coworkers and even children; And at the very worst, sabotaged or destroyed. From a human aspect, marriage was designed by God to include a man and a women. But from a divine or spiritual aspect, marriage was designed to include a third party and that third party is God. Marriages were never meant to survive much less thrive without God as the foundation or centerpiece. Marriage was never meant to be a solo act, focusing on what either party wants to get out of the marriage. Nor was it meant to be a duet, meaning it is just about us. No, marriage was meant to be a trio, one man and one woman with the One True God at the center.

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